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Comprehensive Business and Marketing Solutions

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Harvest the good that
comes from trusting


Warning: Scam artists need not apply!

Scam Artists - This marketing and business model will not work for you, because it is about aquiring the "good" that comes from mutual trusting relationships.

These methods are designed to work overtime and not overnight or in other words; it is about well earned profits and not get rich quick schemes.

We don't sell to just anyone. We only want to help people that are dedicated to their business and want to make money.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this will not be for you.

On the other hand, if you are serious about turning your life into a financial success, than you have come to the right place.

Read all the valuable articles we have on our site. Use the knowledge in these pages to turn jump-start your business or take it to a new level.

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4 Key Points to Understand About Business and Marketing Makeover

1) Molecule icon - This is not intended to be understood at a glance, but is the model showing how 3 core entities are interwoven and reliant upon each other which must be applied to the needs of the client, the employee, and the company in such a way that 3-way equilibrium is achieved. Complete understanding of the molecule icon will benefit you, because you will know exactly how all of the business secrets, tips, and information you have learned fit into the big picture.

Entity Descriptions

  • Message Marketing - Getting a Response
  • Operations and Sales - Making it Happen
  • Relevancy - Maintaining Success

2) Teaching Structure - You will acquire your complete training in increments. From the marketing kit all the way to the business makeover workshop and your long term coaching and mentoring program.

Marketing is first and stands alone because it is:

  • The beginning of any business.
  • The most neglected and misunderstood aspects of business.
  • Very broad and multi-faceted.
Business is second, albeit, just by a narrow margin, and will cover operations, sales, and relevancy. Both marketing and business need to be continually improved and thoroughly understood.

3) As the molecule icon suggests, these entities cannot be entirely separated and taught in an isolated manner. Therefore a plan-as-you-go mentality has been adopted and applied to the Makeover process.

4) The heart and soul of both the Business and Marketing is the Workshops and Task-Master Coaching Series. At the workshop, you will receive training, many worksheets, and more information which is not in the preliminary course material. The webinar series will address the following: follow-through and completion of makeover, software support, idea collaboration, and further training such as time management training, which creates an enviroment of accountability and prevents you from getting overwhelmed.

Thank you! Welcome aboard, buckle up and hang on!

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